Jewelry will naturally gain some wear and tear over the years, especially for those most loved pieces that get worn daily. Our trusted jeweler can assist with all your jewelry repairs, from ring sizing, chain repairs, new clasps, pearl restringing, stone replacements and much more.

We can source and supply any diamonds or gemstones that may have come out of your piece or if you just feel like changing the look of your item. We ensure to bring your jewelry back looking like the day you purchased it.

You will be provided with a quote before any work is done, quotes are free and require no obligations if you wish not to proceed with the repair. 



Clean and Check Service


The best way to show off your jewelry is when it is clean and sparkling like the day you purchased it. We offer a FREE ultrasonic/steam clean and check service for all jewelry. Your jewelry gets placed in a ultrasonic bath which vibrates the water to get all the buildup out from around the stones, the steam cleaner is a pressurized steam that gets all remaining particles out and reveals the true sparkle of your piece. The whole process can be done while you wait and will include the jeweler looking at the prongs around your stones to ensure there are no loose stones or damage.

*We also offer re-polishing of gold and silver and rhodium plating if needed to remove any scratches from the metal that will incur a small fee. 

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